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Our promise to our learners that they will never walk alone



It is a study program based on the fact that the
student is enrolled in a virtual school that has all the
contents of real schools, including a study schedule,
academic guidance, psychological support, activities
and programs to build the student's character.
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The IG School Full Time Programme

A programme that is designed for homeschooled students who are looking for a track that would make their studies more organised. Simply, It’s an online school that provides everything a brick and mortar school would provide! 

Online Subjects Courses

All what you look for in a course can be found here. Recorded and Live sessions along with follow up on weekly basis that includes homework, quizzes, exams and meetings. 


Prepare today for your next English proficiency test through our professional instructors who would help you pass with flying colours.

Meet Our Teachers

Rana Elzahar

Chemistry Teacher

Amr Zahra

Chemistry Teacher

Alaa Nabil 

Chemistry  Teacher

Dina Sayed

English Teacher

Rania Allam

English Teacher

Hesham Hatem

ICT Teacher

Ramy Fahmy

Biology Teacher

Nada Hatem

Biology Teacher

Wahid Wanis

Biology Teacher

Adbelrahman Tawfik

Physics teacher

Kerollos Habashy

Physics Teacher

Nada Elzahed

Biology Teacher

Rana Elmonayiri

Biology Teacher

Khaled Rateb 

Mathematics Teacher 

Ibrahim Abd Elakder

Mathematics Teacher

Sara Magdy

Mathematics Teacher

Yahya Kassem

Mathematics Teacher

Alaa Elzahar

Mathematics  Teacher

Ziad Ayman

Mathematics Teacher

Ibrahim Fendi

Accounting Teacher

Safwat Hatem

Environmental Teacher

Ahmed Marwan

Economics Teacher

Abdelhalim Ahmed

Business Teacher

Emad Eladgham

Arabic Teacher

Ahmed Abd Rahman

German Teacher


French Teacher

Ayman Hagag

Computer Science Teacher

Nadine Ahmed

Computer Science Teacher

Maged Wageeh

Computer Science Teacher

Sally Mahfouz

Business & Economics Teacher

Samar Kamal

Business Teacher

Karim Ashmawy

Business Teacher

Ayman Elmahdy

Chemistry Teacher

Omnia Osama

Chemistry Teacher

 Frequently Asked Questions  

Would I find explanatory video lectures for the whole syllabus once in enrol in the course?

No, Lectures would be dripped in gradually. Once your course starts, you will receive 3 new lectures every week just as what happens in the real classroom. Previously added lectures are not removed throughout the course so that you can review any lecture an unlimited number of times after its release.

Would I receive assignments to solve?

Yes, you will by the end of each chapter, your tutors will assign you a task to do and they will answer this homework in the next video lecture just as what done inside the classroom.

Can I directly ask questions to the tutor?

Yes, for sure you can through sending a direct message to the tutor. Your question would be typically answered in 24 hours. There is also an opportunity to arrange a live chat with the tutor or any of his assistants. Be sure that we will never leave any question unanswered!

Would I get any exams?

Yes, PDF exams would be posted for you to solve. Then the mark scheme will be given with an explanatory video lecture explaining the correct answers and commenting on the common mistakes.

What is the language used by the tutor in the video lectures?

Some courses are taught in both Arabic and English language . Be aware that if you are not a speaker of Arabic language you might have difficulties in understanding.
Courses will include an introductory video that will let you know about the language of delivery. 

What are the course materials and how would I get them?

The course materials include notes & classified past papers. The material will be uploaded as Downloadable PDF documents on the first day of the course, and you will be able to order them in hardcopy if you are located inside Egypt through The IG School. Contact us to get them.

What are the payment methods?

Bank cards

Are the course fees refundable?

According to our terms and conditions, we DO NOT refund any course fees since a full description is provided before any student proceeds with payment.

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